And human, too

a meta-methodological approach to epidemiological stimuli


The experience of the neuro-
 immune acrobat
is monstrous
 and potentially beautiful.

Grave implications 
 (and sundry electrical wiring)
 seem to root one
 into a cracked, barren earth.

But there is nourishment there.

It is hidden.


“I’m seeing this thing 
 from everyplace
 as it is seeing me
 (might I recognize its ration
 in the greater panoply


Have you ever felt 
 wired together?
 tangled up? 
 (or ever really free?)

Tethered — 
 and not only
 to the EEG machine.

Something is strangling 
 the body…

And something 
 about sharing it… 
 is freeing…


How else
 could the pain response
 sound a clarion
 to its environment?

How else could 
 one part of the body

 another part?

Not just by 
 thinking it really hard… 
but also by saying — hey, you

…this cyborg experience
 could be your pleasure, too.

You don’t want it. (Trust us,
 and not least because 
 the airplane glue.)


You could talk to us about it 

It’s better than spending
 the rest of your life
 in bed.


Turns out there are 
 to ignoring 

They come from the body, and
 they come from the world.

Most of us ignored them, too
 (that is, until we couldn’t
 anymore — once our bodies
 stuck and strained and sore
 said “no more”).

Here are the ramifications
 in my experience:

Getting lost.

Lost is what we‘ve been, 
 and turned around.

Mindful we don’t lose you too,
Before a clearer way is found.

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