At the intersection of safety and speaking out

The Invisible and are coordinated and supported by a small group of invisible illness sufferers. Most of us currently remain anonymous to protect sensitive circumstances in our lives, related to our health conditions. Though we know that our work is less impactful without real names, we also represent some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Our lives, supports, associations, and the fragile integrity of our health is threatened every day in ways we can never fully anticipate.

And yet, this is work we must do in whatever way we can.

We seek to legitimize and make safer the expression and advocacy of individuals who run the risk of losing what little they have because of misunderstandings, adverse attitudes, confirmation biases, forced treatments, and hate crimes towards those who are disabled (visibly and invisibly), sick and suffering.

If you want to add your voice to ours and find yourself at potential risk for speaking out, we will protect your anonymity, too.

Whether you prefer anonymity or not, please consider contacting us at to contribute your comments, writing, artwork, or information & research you think we may like to be aware of — or to volunteer your support in any way you can think of. We’re grateful to know you.

Our approach is still evolving. We are getting braver.

Thank you for standing with us.

Thank you for helping us stand at all.

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