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Human Rights Abuses (and You)

Desperate, suffering people who need your help are saying so. 
Will the world respond… or fail to notice?

{Una traducción del artículo: Los Abusos de los Derechos Humanos (y Vos)}

Every day there’s another article I haven’t seen yet. 
Try this one on for size:

The words “human rights abuses” are relevant here — and to every situation where a sick and desperate person has been dismissed or written off or ignored or forced into exile.

These people are part of your families and communities.

Do you know who they are?
Do you reach out to support them?
Do you respond to their fear and anger with presence and compassion?

Do you spread word about the great suffering they face, and how isolated they are, and in need of caring friends?

Do you notice as they die of complications that could otherwise be avoided — and severe pain, and sheer despair?

Do you tell them you are there for them?
Do you ask them what they need?
Do you offer your hand, your shoulder?

What about your institution?
Your church?

Spoonies deserve to see a revolution — for ME/CFS and for every other badly misunderstood condition that destroys lives.

(Have you noticed how many there are now? More of these strange and confusing illnesses all the time, making more and more people Invisible.)

Please read twice — three times: Lives are at stake. Everybody should be paying attention.

60% of us will die from heart failure, suicide, and cancer — while authorities and communities twiddle their thumbs and chitter milquetoast “psychogenesis” — ignoring crucial social and environmental factors, ignoring trauma, ignoring the patients’ own experiences.

Ignoring swads of current and compelling research from geniuses of our time like Ron Davis, and many other brave and epic researchers working on this problem. #OpenMedicineFoundation #OMF #gratitude

Meanwhile, mild cases get worse, and bad cases get permanent.

Because the people who come down with it still have never heard of it before.

We find out how bad the situation is as we get sicker and less able to do anything about it without suffering even worse pain and dysfunction.

These people are my friends and they deserve better.
I deserve better, too.

Our voices matter and are getting louder.

I don’t care how you share it. 
But share it.

#MEAwarenessHour #AfterParty
#EndMECFS #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis
#MyalgicE #NeuroME #MECFS
Open Medicine Foundation (FB, Twitter)
Millions Missing Canada on FB (Twitter)
Solve MECFS Initiative (FB, Twitter)

** Thank you to anonymous translation helper! This article can be found in Spanish here: Los Abusos de los Derechos Humanos (y Vos)

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