Intuitive Invisible

Humanitarian Art for Industrial Refugees

In group process this morning, for your gracious contemplation:

Intuitive Invisible is a collective working together — remotely and semi-anonymously — to coordinate what we believe is best expressed as a humanitarian aid project, and an urgent one.

Meg is severely ill and is having daily, life-threatening episodes from sleeping in a toxic location, so she must move expediently. Experiments have shown that her symptoms improve once properly relocated.

Our hope is to turn this necessary journey into a community-nourishing adventure by establishing an ongoing broadcast documentary, complete with art, music, and other contributions from the broader community whose voice must be amplified.

This effort will raise awareness about industrial refugees, invisible people (those with disabilities and conditions which are unseen, under-explored, or ignored by the medical field and/or broader society) and crucial related subjects.

We plan to leverage the resources we coordinate on Meg’s behalf to provide solidarity and increased assistance to those in similar situations, both through the broadcast and with stops along the trip to — very mindfully, with great caution regarding the dangers of environmental cross-contamination, and remotely if not in the immediate vicinity — help others directly experiencing this astonishing modern crisis.

Our intent is to empower some of the sickest and most invisibly disenfranchised to use their intuitive creative strength to make art, both as healing support and to raise funds and awareness on their behalf.

This lifts up our collective voice, and will help us get more of what we need.

If we can find enough support, we will be able to…

  • Broadcast awareness-raising and situationally uplifting content
  • Compile valuable material for coordinating with currently interested and potential future sponsors who can help drive support to our communities
  • Attempt to get a 501c and become an official non-profit
  • Coordinate to find safer locations for those who must leave their current one
  • Provide solidarity and emotional support to those who have otherwise lost hope
  • Grow something beautiful from something devastating

Immediate plans continue to develop, and will change according to the most pressing needs as we go. We already have quite a few individuals watching and rooting for us, some of them especially severely ill.

This is our first attempt at communicating what we’re doing, and more details will follow.

If you would like to see how you might be able to pitch in, please email the group at

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Sincerely and with great intention,

We at Intuitive Invisible,
Pro-Industrial Collaborative,
and Gut Media Group

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