this is a magical space!

in this space, everybody is supportive of everybody.
we are always as patient and considerate as we can be,
because we all know one another is sick and undergoing hardship.

if we’re not up to it, or we find ourselves lashing out, 
we ask one another for help, usually privately if possible. 
sometimes, it can be totally appropriate to ask the whole group. 

basically, we’re nice to each other. 
people don’t come in here and say, 
‘you’re wrong about this’
without contributing 
real nourishment 
to the conversation. 

Always be kind and consider the possibility
that we don’t know what we think we know. 
That is one of our major operating factors when navigating the world. 
We have had to start doing things that way, because the alternative is too painful. 
There is too much stress and strife and damage in the world already. 

People are really hurting each other just because they’re hurt themselves. 

Sick people have an opportunity to lead on this one. 
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