Support the Invisible

and the Intuitive Invisible digital soup kitchen

Ever volunteered at a soup kitchen? Maybe you’re familiar with the uplifting sensation of the healthful, feel-good neurotransmitters associated with contributing to something bigger. Maybe you have yet to seek it out!

It’s lovely — strengthening, healthful. We recommend it.

Here’s your chance to be a part of the experience right from your computer: You, yes you! can help amplify our most vulnerable voices and bravest warriors, expressions of great faith, art, and adversity.

An Internet helper for an hour every few weeks can make a tremendous difference to this community.

Special assistance requested! If you have some moments to lend a hand right now, please check out our Urgent This Moment page of most pressing volunteer requests — priority items right at the top. (Thank you in advance — we so greatly appreciate your assistance.)

For lots more ways you can help us out, keep reading below. ❤

You can help provide direct support for those who will not survive without it. Share this URL, volunteer to help out, or contribute in the following ways — and send a note to telling us which you choose.

Volunteer to •• listen •• brainstorm •• take notes •• adjust websites •• update social media •• research •• edit •• transcribe •• read written pieces aloud (like your honest self, like a professional newscaster, or with made up voices!) •• or suggest another way you would like to help!

Contribute •• ideas •• art •• writing •• or audio •• encourage others to contribute by sharing this page — and spread the word.

Donate a few dollars •• (via PayPal or Gumroad) •• fund a community project •• or become a regular sponsor in joint collaboration (If you have questions about how this works, email

Financial support that The Invisible receives goes to crucial and often lifesaving resources for those who are continuing to risk their lives putting their time into this project — like food, medicine, and basic housing.

Above are ways in which we would most appreciate your help, but if there’s something we haven’t mentioned on this page that you would like to offer, please email

We are a growing organization centered on the experience of those most deeply in hardship.

We welcome original, collaborative ideas from anyone who would like to participate towards advancing our goals.

If you feel resonant, please get in touch.

Deep gratitude, from us to you.

Intuitive Invisible,
Gut media group,
& sundry joyful posse!

PS. This page was constructed by invisible people of great neurological variety, including natural joyful neurodiversity as well as the brutal and debilitating effects of biotoxic injury and environmental illness. If we said something confusing or you would like clarification, please ask — and we’ll update the page, too! —

PPS. Email addresses listed are mooshy, because sometimes we have to help one another check email, and sometimes we organize information based on the email address it’s sent to. If you are confused by all the addresses, pick one, one of us will help you find what you’re looking for.

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