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The Brain on Fire

Mary Ackerley writes on the role of toxic mold in triggering psychiatric symptoms

“I found that a high percentage of my integrative psychiatric patients had some degree of biotoxin illness. They had haplotypes that meant they were susceptible to becoming ill after mold exposure and/or elevated cytokine levels.
That wasn’t anything that I’d ever been taught in medical school or continuing education, or in any of the alternative educational experiences that I’d pursued. I became fascinated and began to explore the evidence-based literature for some explanation.
What I found is that neuroinflammation — which is mediated by a variety of mechanisms including cytokines — is widely documented in the psychiatric literature. Despite that, most clinicians don’t know about it.”
~ Mary Ackerley, The Brain on Fire: The role of toxic mold in triggering psychiatric symptoms, at Paradigm Change
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