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ME/CFS, neuroimmune, and chronic multi-system illness:

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Every article in this archive is subject to updates, because our contributors need to work in very short sessions and take lots of breaks. Some articles might take weeks or months to finish. Until we have editorial assistance from brains, hands, guts, and other body parts with less disruptive inflammation, please forgive us the occasional typo or repetitive loop.

(If you’d like to donate a few minutes of editing assistance, or make us aware of a textual hitch we’ve overlooked, please drop us a note!)

In the meantime, we’ll give you the best we can when we can… we’ll address mistakes as swiftly as we are able… and we commit to upholding kind, collaborative courtesy. (We like working with others. For illness sufferers who have been very isolated for a very long time, it is a great joy.)

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Thank you. :-)

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